Song List

Here is a list of songs that we will sing in the Songs About Travelling choir. The list is fixed now, but I’d be happy to hear any comments, etc – use the form at the end of the song list.

Week 1: On The Road

Route 66 – The Rolling Stones version

The Letter – The Box Tops

Leaving On A Jet Plane – Peter Paul & Mary version

Week 2: Modes of Transport

Proud Mary – Credence Clearwater Revival

King Of The Road – Roger Miller

Yellow Submarine – The Beatles

Week 3: Separation

So Far Away – Carole King

My Island Home – The Warumpi Band version

It’s All Over Now Baby Blue – Bob Dylan

Week 4: Exotic Locales

Marrakesh Express – Crosby Stills and Nash

Rio – Michael Nesmith

Orinoco Flow (Sail Away) – Enya

Week 5: Escape

Midnight Special – Credence Clearwater Revival version

April Sun In Cuba – Dragon

Last Train To Clarksville – The Monkees

Week 6: Coming Home

Trains and Boats and Planes – The Everly Brothers version

Homeward Bound – Simon and Garfunkel

Sweet Home Chicago – Blues Brothers version

If you’d like to comment on any of the above choices, by all means let me know – just use the following form.

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