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Travelling – it’s a universal experience, and there are so many songs about it. Songs about modes of transport (trains, planes, submarines) and about exotic locales. Road songs. Songs about leaving, and about coming home. In this choir we’ll sing all these and more.

The Songs About Travelling choir is a group of people in Sydney, Australia who will meet for nine weeks in February – March 2020 and sing travelling songs. No singing experience necessary, just bring your enthusiasm and join a group of people dedicated to having fun and experiencing music through singing.

This follows on from a series of choirs with themes like “Songs About The Weather”, “Prison Songs”, etc.

You can listen to all the Travelling Songs here (with YouTube clips) or listen from a Spotify playlist – instructions are here.

This choir is for everyone – no singing experience necessary. It will be held at North Sydney Community Centre, Monday nights from February 3 to March 30, 2020.

Details of times, places, etc are here.

To sign up to join the choir, click here.

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